• God of Heaven and Earth

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    For years scholars have debated whether the miraculous events proclaiming the birth and death of Jesus actually happened. Now, science and technology reveal an astounding amount of evidence declaring the most pivotal events in history- The birth of Jesus and his death and resurrection. The result...

  • The Star of Bethlehem Revealed

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    The Star of Bethlehem becomes a reality in The Star of Bethlehem Revealed- an incredibly compelling and remastered documentary describing what the Star of Bethlehem really was. Recent discoveries can finally explain what the Magi really saw that caused them to travel more than 700 miles to Israe...

  • The Earthquake and the Son of God

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    A sequel to the acclaimed documentary The Star of Bethlehem- Revealed, which details the miraculous celestial event that God put into motion to proclaim the birth of Jesus in 2 B.C. and his death in 33 AD.

    The Earthquake and the Son of God continues that work and shows that an earthquake did occ...